About us

Hello and welcome to Jak'd Apparel's official online store!

Jak'd Apparel came about when a few like minded individuals that enjoyed working out and lifting weights came together and just pushed each other to get Jak'd. The idea of forming a T-Shirt brand was something that we thought would be cool. A way to express ourselves and how we feel about working out. Also, a way to inspire others to work hard and push themselves. We all want to experience that feeling when you had an awesome workout and you just feel Jak'd!!

The words "Inspire. Motivate. Succeed." describes everyone at some point throughout your fitness journey. At first you either need to be Inspired or you are an Inspiration to someone to get started. You then need Motivation or you Motivate someone to do the hard work, and work it hard. Ultimately you Succeed by achieving your goals. Some may have to get started with all three of these steps, and some have already achieved all three, but we can still Inspire, Motivate and help others Succeed.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, we hope you experience being JAK'D with Jak'd Apparel.

Thank you for visiting our store and being a part of the Jak'd Nation!!